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An effective e-commerce strategy has the ability to turn a new brand into a well-known one. Assume that your company constantly achieves healthy KPIs (conversion rate above 1%, healthy AOV, and above 20% return customer rate) and that your brand sells quality goods. Sadly, your dependency on Facebook and Google Ads is keeping you from experiencing healthy growth. What should you aim to optimize going forward to get there?

Learn how to use Email marketing to create powerful marketing campaigns

Even though eCommerce necessitates a comprehensive strategy, many firms only pay attention to paid advertising. Yes, reaching audiences through social media sites and other channels like Google can be successful, but they're not the only options you should be thinking about. When setting up a solid e-commerce environment, there are many things to take into account, from your Shopify site to email/SMS marketing.

Email marketing produces a best return on investment because of low execution cost. Particularly successful at fostering e-commerce growth is email marketing. Just last year, we created a thorough email strategy that enabled our customer to grow from having no revenue to having $300K a month and more.

Considering how you might be the next? Continue reading to discover how our team can develop a potent email marketing strategy that will help elevate your business to new heights.

What REALLY happens with email marketing in eCommerce?

You can turn prospects into repeat customers with the use of email marketing. Due to the 180-day pixel limitation, it can even enhance the distribution of your Facebook advertising, improving targeting. The appropriate email could be all that's needed to close the sale for your potential clients who have already demonstrated interest in your business by clicking on your advertisement.

​ Here are some tried-and-true strategies to boost your email marketing game:

Analytics dashboard

Step 1. Utilize the greatest eCommerce solutions to expand your email list.

Setup Attentive. The best eCommerce solution for generating leads from website visitors is called attentive. Attentive has one of the greatest market conversion rates for email and phone number gathering thanks to a unique pop-up technology. This application will enable you to create SMS campaigns, a potent companion to any email marketing plan, in addition to just expanding your email list.

Step 2. Get familiar with email automation

Our platform for email marketing, Klaviyo, is fantastic.

A Welcome Email Series Flow should be setup.

To begin, let's examine your present performance indicators. The lengthier this series should be, the higher your AOV should be. When working with new clients, we frequently find that they have made little to no effort to create a welcome series that is more than just 1 or 2 emails.

Neglecting the value of a Welcome Series might result in a significant loss of chance to convert clients and income. You only have a short window of time to persuade a lead to take action once you've gained their attention. The likelihood of converting them increases the earlier you engage with them.

As a general rule, your Welcome Series should be given the necessary consideration stage for a longer period of time the greater your product's AOV. For maximum exposure and efficacy, we've discovered that Welcome Series should consist of 3–5 emails.

SMS Marketing
  • Set up the Browse and Cart/Checkout Abandonment Flows. If reminders don't work the first few times, including a discount offer in the series' final email can be very helpful.

  • Post-Purchase Flows should be setup.

Once you've determined how long it takes a consumer to get their order, you can start scheduling your post-purchase flow that is triggered. This series, which typically consists of four to six emails, includes an email thanking the consumer for their purchase as well as an upsell or cross-sell offer that is extremely pertinent to the initial transaction.

How to create unique content

Step 3. Build an email content calendar.

To prepare for important eCommerce events and maintain a regular flow of information throughout the year, the next step is to create an email content schedule. Our email and SMS campaigns at Web Science Labs are prepared six to eight weeks in advance. A promotional calendar usually comes first in our sequence, then new arrivals restock, and finally nurturing emails (best-sellers, product features, etc.)

The main issue that clients express to us is that they don't see themselves as "promotional brands" and don't provide any discounts. Web Science Labs would never present a customer as a "discount shop," and we particularly avoid "sitewide" discounts outside of crucial sales occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday that you just cannot afford to miss. Outside of this time, we devise clever strategies to run promotions that result in profitable sales while preserving all of your margins.

  • We take advantage of events like holidays and three-day weekends when launching promotions. American customers are conditioned to shop during significant national holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and, of course, the Q4 Christmas rush, whether in-person or online. Understanding this demand enables us to effectively build out customer incentives that convert potential customers into paying customers.

Step 4. Develop a strategy for audience segmentation.

Email marketing has the potential to be a very powerful bottom-of-the-funnel channel when used correctly. The key? Implementation.

It's crucial that you avoid emailing your whole audience every week. Instead, concentrate on keeping open rates and engagement metrics high. You run the danger of compromising your domain and having all of your emails go to SPAM if you blast your whole audience. Once this has occurred, it is VERY difficult to reverse. It can be difficult to initially understand why sending emails to fewer recipients leads in better open rates. The king is deliverability.

Develop strategy to grow business online

With T1 being the most engaged audience and T4 being the least engaged, Web Science Labs divides audiences into 4 tiers. Each email marketing must be carefully sent to the right audience with this in mind. Finding a technique to get folks out of T4 and into higher tiers is the objective. If they don't, we purge the email list by designing a clever sunset flow that will allow them one final opportunity to stay or automate their suppression. Our clients' emails receive the highest open rates, generate the most income, and are delivered to recipients' inboxes rather than spam folders by adhering to Web Science Labs' email marketing segmentation tactics.

Step 5. Get proficient in email design

The next thing you will learn is how to develop visually pleasing layouts while keeping the best email UX principles in mind. Because this is an online store, customers haven't actually seen your goods, thus email pictures should make them want it. Email design also helps firms look established and gains the trust of customers. Equally crucial are a call to action that is obvious and buttons that are easy to see in your emails. The path to success is not taken when firms present alluring products with no clear call to action, leaving potential customers with nothing to do. To identify the most effective email blasts, our design team at Web Science Labs tested hundreds of alternative layouts and picture styles.

best email templates design
writing the best content to rank top in the search engine

Step 6. Correct the preview content and subject lines.

The quality of your preview text and subject lines could mean the difference between success and failure. For your entire campaign, these two seemingly straightforward lines demand a lot of research and analysis. People won't even SEE the email they were intended to examine if you get it incorrect. After reading the subject line, more than 60% of email recipients mark the message as spam. The final word? 33% of people are more likely to open an email based on its intriguing subject line. Would you use a term with careful thinking if it could increase your revenue by 30%?

Step 7. SMS Marketing


Along with email marketing, SMS marketing makes use of the reach of text messaging to communicate a marketing message to a target audience. All of it is permission-based, so if a user didn't choose to get text messages, they won't. Since everyone has a phone these days and a text message can have an open rate of up to 99%, it's a practical way to communicate with your consumers. Furthermore, the likelihood that an email will be ignored because of the deluge of emails people receive every day is reduced because you now have two ways to reach out to potential clients. Chase attention wherever it may be, it only makes sense to cover as many areas as you can. At Web Science Labs, we have the technical know-how and experience to help you make use of this potential.

SMS marketing is the most cost effective marketing tool

The serial entrepreneur who started Web Science Labs, a digital marketing agency, walked the road of scaling a business from the ground up. If you want to talk about how we can help you grow your business, please do so.

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