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Today's owners are now confronted with finding an Ecommerce Agency they can rely on to develop their business further, as if owning an ecommerce business wasn't already a daunting endeavour. And it's challenging. It's practically impossible to distinguish WHICH agency truly HAS the necessary knowledge to build up your brand for PROFITABILITY because the industry is so oversaturated with "Facebook Gurus" and "award winning" Facebook Marketing Services.

Facebook can bring huge profit to your business.

Although you're sure of your choice to hire them, you shortly come to the conclusion that their focus is on increasing your spending rather than on your company's success. Why? They scale their own business in that manner, after all. You've probably experienced burnout a number of times from agencies that "play the game," send off your account to novice media buys, and honestly have never scaled a business. Boost your Brand on Facebook With Creative Campaigns.

The reality is, all it takes is one discussion to identify a number of warning signs while looking for Facebook Ad Agencies. Therefore, we've compiled a list of crucial activities the ideal Facebook Ad Agency should follow to scale your corporation to assist you in your contemplation stage. Facebook marketing is the best practice of promoting a brand and maintaining its presence online.

Step 1. Brand Analysis

The first step that top Facebook marketing agencies take is to thoroughly examine the foundation of your company. The customer profile, revenue, net profit, product lineup, best sellers, marketing channels you've tried, and what's working and what isn't right now should all be included in this 360-degree brand view. A thorough analysis of Facebook campaigns, Shopify data, Klaviyo, Google Adwords, and Google Analytics is performed by Web Science Labs before we start working with a new DTC company. To ensure that we can build a scalable environment, we focus on three major KPIs to develop campaigns around: conversion rate, AOV, and LTV. We can start talking about reasonable goals and budgets after we have a solid understanding of those measures. Any seasoned Facebook Ad Agency should be able to recognize the company's deficiencies and issues within 24 hours and have a clear idea of how to solve the situation right away. Therefore, avoid them if they never asked you the necessary questions about your company and offered a comprehensive business audit.

facebook ads spend metrics in marketing dashboard
audit log

Step 2. Auditing the funnel

After laying the groundwork, a reliable Facebook marketing agency would normally launch a Facebook funnel audit to concentrate on the present layout and previous results of each campaign.
How many campaigns are active right now?
What does the organization of the campaign look like?
Are they combined? What are the results and targets? Do the results indicate market fit, or is it merely the result of a subpar campaign setup? Are advertisements geared toward making purchases? Is the budget allocated to prospecting and retargeting properly? Are the ad frequencies on warm and cold traffic set appropriately
After laying the groundwork, a reliable Facebook marketing agency would normally launch a Facebook funnel audit to concentrate on the present layout and previous results of each campaign. Are your pixels firing properly?

Has your domain been validated?

Are Facebook APIs being used by the company for the most thorough tracking environment?

Step 3. Creative Audit

The third phase should be a creative audit because top Facebook ad agencies are aware that 50% of advertising success on this network depends on the creative. The current effect of current advertisements, CTR, ad quality score, ad engagement, use of DPA, slideshows, carousels, collection ads, and more should be included in this.

The best advertising companies may obtain the knowledge they require to either create new creative or enhance existing ones by conducting an audit. When brands come to us, many of them still use the same assets from previous campaigns or haven't updated their creative in months. (TOF as well as retargeting). When this strategy is used, Facebook may punish the advertiser with low ad quality scores that reduce reach. Facebook, on the other hand, promotes excellent creativity by offering a lower CPM, which results in less expensive visitors and eventually lower conversion rates.

Our dedicated creative team at Web Science Labs not only spots the creative gaps but also has one goal in mind: creating fresh creative as necessary to make sure the campaign is operating as effectively as possible. We take pride in the fact that, in contrast to other agencies, we regularly update our creative to ensure that we are always putting our best foot forward.

Creative Content

Step 4. Funnel Rebuild

Leading Facebook Marketing Agencies aren't scared to redesign the entire funnel. Prospecting, remarketing, and a post-purchase campaign should be the three key campaigns in an efficient funnel.

          Prospecting Campaigns

You should introduce various targeting strategies, including interest-based targeting, look-alike-based targeting, and broad targeting, for prospecting campaigns. Many clothing companies approach Evestar with highly targeted remarketing advertising without audience exclusions. As a result, Facebook sends messages to a cold audience that hasn't interacted with the business before, which has an adverse effect on revenue growth from new customers. Top of the Funnel campaigns will receive the greatest budget allocation if you're working with the best Facebook ad agency. If the right targeting and audience exclusions are implemented, this may appear to have a lower ROAS while still bringing new customers to your brand.

                     Create Retargeting                       Campaigns

These campaigns should make up roughly 30% of the overall expenditure and target users depending on how they engage with ads or browse websites. The "view page retargeting" and "add to basket" retargeting are the main areas of concentration for a top Facebook Ad Agency. Ad frequency should be kept in check in retargeting efforts by remaining between 5 and 6 times throughout the course of a 30-day window. Your retargeting audiences will be larger and you will have more money to spend the more you spend on prospecting.

                      Post Purchase                                Campaigns

We find significant ad budget misallocation in 75% of the companies we analyze. The arrangement is usually geared for maximum ROAS, which is why this happens most frequently. Although agencies may want those reports to appear as strong as possible, what they don't tell you is that they are allowing Facebook to focus on your warm traffic, which is simpler to convert but doesn't help scale your business because the proper prospecting budget allocation isn't included in the mix.

These advertisements are made to maximize LTV, a statistic that increases profitability and decreases CAC. The ideal Facebook Marketing Agency will develop post-purchase funnels based on upsell/cross-sell tactics, win-back campaigns, and new product release phases to encourage repeat purchases.

creating facebook ads campaign

Step 5. Testing

Your environment is prepared for testing and scaling once the structure has been established, fresh creative has been created, and the website's UX/CRO has been improved. A strong initial testing period often ranges between $5,000 and $10,000 per month, depending on the previous account expenditure. For the test to be successful, a reliable Facebook Advertising Agency must hit strong benchmark metrics for CAC/AOV/Conversion rate throughout the test. Only after measurements are reliable should your team consider raising the budget. Experienced campaign managers know how soon you can sensibly increase the budget and when it's appropriate to switch out creative because scaling campaigns demands accuracy and inventiveness.

Testing Facebook Ads

Step 6. Data Analysis + Reporting

Not to mention, the ideal Facebook Ad Agency would offer reporting that incorporates quantifiable information from your campaigns. Experienced advertising firms will establish appropriate KPIs that account for consistent attributions while also evaluating various models, such as first-party data, the first- and last-click attribution model, or changing the attribution window as needed by your company.

It's crucial to realize that a customer interacts with a brand on various levels before making a purchase. Many businesses will execute campaigns across numerous channels, including Facebook, Google, Youtube, Pinterest Ads, email marketing, and SMS marketing, to capture each of these stages during the consumer journey.

The right agency will use all of this data to enhance budget allocation and funnel optimization because each channel has its own attribution model.

At Web Science Labs, we think that by completing our assessment from top to bottom, we can establish a solid grasp of the consumer journey. We can make the adjustments required to scale your organization and finally take you to the next level by comprehending how various audiences move through the marketing funnel.

The serial entrepreneur who started Web Science Labs, a digital marketing agency, walked the road of scaling a business from the ground up. If you want to talk about how we can help you grow your business, please do so.

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